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Possible Roman Road Lancaster to Quernmore Kilns

Margary Number: NA

Distance: unknown

Often suggested as a possible Roman road to the Kilns at Quernmore (and even on through the Trough of Bowland) this road certainly has several Roman characteristics which lends support this supposition. However, as yet there is no independent supporting evidence and (currently) with limited Lidar data this will have to await confirmation.



Historic County: Lancashire

Current County: Lancashire

HER: Lancashire


route map

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Lidar and Aerial Composite Image - Lancaster to Quernmore

The route follows modern roads entirely but these do have all the characteristics of a Roman route to Quernmore and the Roman kilns there. Lidar currently runs out at Langthwaite Heights so investigation further on will have to await the Environment Agency's new Lidar survey.

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Route Map - Lancaster to Quernmore

The route is very direct and those zig-zags to negotiate the hills are certainly how a Roman engineer would have designed the road. It does look convincing.

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Quernmore - Roman Kilns SIte

Not actually on the possible Roman road but just off it to the north-east of Quernmore village.

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Quernmore - looking back to Lancaster

From just beyond Quernmore, above the last zig-zag. Lancaster Castle (and fort site) can be made out fractionally right of centre. As the Roman characteristics of this road continue on beyond Quernmore and the kilns it possibly had a further destination in mind but with currently no Lidar data here then this is just speculation for the present.

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