Lancs Roman Roads

Possible Roman Road on the North Bank of the River Lune

Margary Number: NA

Distance: unknown

The Lancashire Historic Environment Record has for many years recorded a possible Roman Road south-west of Oaken Head on the north bank of the River Lune. Whilst it is perfectly logical that the Roman's would have needed a road on the north bank of the Lune this is the only evidence so far that one could have existed.



Historic County: Lancashire

Current County: Lancashire

HER: Lancashire



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Lidar and Aerial Composite Image - Oaken Head

Lidar coverage is currently patchy but fortunately the Oaken Head stretch is clear and quite convincing. Unfortunately it is a very short and single piece of evidence. Heading north-east then nothing further on is visible that could connect with it and extend the route towards Burrow.

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Route Map - Oaken Head

I have shown extension dotted north and south. Towards Lancaster the modern road (Kirkby Lonsdale Road) would overlie its route to Lancaster so proof is all but impossible. In the other direction up the valley then a parish boundary perhaps extends the route passing Sidegarth Gate but this peters out.

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Oaken Head- First Edition Map

This is the total amount of evidence for this road - the Lidar stretch at Oaken Head and the straight parish boundary passing Sidegarth Gate.

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3D Oblique Lidar Image - Oaken Head

It does look convincing in this view - shame there are no other traces visible towards Burrow.



On balance there should be a road but currently there is probably not enough concrete proof to make it a definite.

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3D lidar

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