Lancs Roman Roads

The Roman Road Burrow (in Lonsdale) to the North West

Margary Number: 706

Distance: unknown

The suggestion for this possible Roman road is down to one man, Villy. In 1936 (C&WAAS), he suggested a route north-west from Burrow fort through Hutton Roof and Newbiggin. It has to be said the evidence is somewhat slim and no one else has ever produced anything more to support it.



Historic County: Lancashire & Westmorland

Current County: Lancashire & Cumbria

HER: Lancashire & Cumbria



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Lidar Image and Map - Burrow Fort

Lidar has given us a route to the River Lune. Whether there was a bridge here is another issue. On the west bank of the river nothing is too obvious that would link with this (see next image).

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lidar burrow

Lidar & Aerial Composite Image - Burrow to Hutton Roof

That there is an old abandoned straight course of the minor road is not in doubt. But is it Roman?

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Route Map - Burrow to Hutton Roof

It seems a circuitous route to get to Hutton Roof.

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Lidar Image and Route Map - Nanny Hall, Whittington

The first traces Villy spotted were west of Whittington where the line of an old road makes for Nanny Hall. The modern minor road takes a diversion off the direct route before rejoining the old road.

This 1 km section is very convincing but there is nothing else I can find anywhere. A Roman road with no connections seems unlikely.

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Lidar Image - Newbiggin to Puddlemire Lane

Further on, over the county boundary, Villy suggested the route swung to the north towards Hutton Roof village before swinging back to the north-west through Newbiggin and finally along Newbiggin Lane and Puddlemire Lane. This was based purely on the fact that Newbiggin Lane and Puddlemire were straight.

Nothing is visible on the Lidar connecting either at the southern or northern ends of Newbiggin Lane and Puddlemire

The name "Puddlemire" is a concern too. Its northern end looks to end in what the lane is named after i.e. a wet mire! The A66 takes a much more sensible route and skirts around this presumably former boggy area.


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Route Map - Newbiggin to Puddlemire Lane

Sure Newbiggin Lane and Puddlemire Lane are straightish but that is their only Roman characteristic. Generally they are far too narrow.


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Newbiggin Lane - looking South-East

This about the only part of Newbiggin Lane and Puddlemire Lane that could pass as possibly Roman. The image below is much more typical.


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newbiggin lane

Puddlemire Lane

It might be straight but boy is it narrow. Meeting on-coming traffic on this road is a nightmare!


The evidence for Margary 706 being a Roman route is very weak and all things considered it needs considerably more proof for it to be considered a definite Roman road.



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