Possible Roman Road from Thetford to Stonebridge

Margary Number: none

Distance: 6.2 miles

This is a logical connection between the Icknield Way and Peddar's Way and continues the alignment of the Icknield Way from Icklingham. It is possibly part of Antonine Itinerary V.




Historic Counties: Norfolk

Current Counties: Norfolk

HER: Norfolk



mini map

Lidar Image and (Possible) Route Map

I have extended the extent of the full route map in order to show the context of this possible link. It demonstrates how this possible road extends the alignment of Icknield Way from Icklingham.

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Lidar Image & Route Map 1

The first section from Thetford is recorded in the Norfolk HER (see below) as a pre-historic gravel road. From Turnpike Cottage the A1075 overlies the road so proving it Roman is impossible. Note early Turnpikes often upgraded existing older or Roman roads. However it could be the A1075 into Thetford is just as likely the Roman line. The pre-historic route does though align better with Nun's Bridges.

NHER Number: 5934

Monument Name: Possible prehistoric trackway

Summary A gravel road or trackway is visible on aerial photographs. The feature has been interpreted as a trackway branching off from the Icknield Way (NHER 1398), prompting some 19th century antiquarians to argue (incorrectly) that the Icknield Way went to Norwich.

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Oblique 3D Lidar Images - Ringmere

The original route was clearly left of the mere and the route around its right side most likely a turnpike upgrade.

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Lidar Image & Route Map 2

To join Peddar's Way at a bridge (Stonebridge) is typical Roman surveying - share a bridge - no need to build 2 of them.


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