Possible Roman Roads near Ashill Roman Enclosure

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Distance: NA miles

The probable Roman "enclosure" or "earthwork" at Ashill (North of Saham Toney & Watton) does have one round corner with its east side seemingly the best surviving. The site is listed in the Norfolk HER as 8712.

There are three possible roads around it - an east-west one, one heading south towards Saham Toney and a third heading north-east.




Historic Counties: Norfolk

Current Counties: Norfolk

HER: Norfolk


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Lidar Image and (Possible) Route Map

The possible road to the south does register prominently in the Lidar data but I could not link it up to the road at Watton at its southern end. Thanks to John Newton I now know that south of the last trace were brickworks which removed any possible remains.

The east-west road is based on the straight track passing the enclosure and the fact that it runs parallel to its southern side. It could have connected the site to Peddars Way. However these two roads seem independent of each other

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Enclosure Site

An old railway line goes through the middle of the enclosure and lies in the trees with the eastern half of the enclosure to the right here. The track is the possible east-west road - it crossed the old railway line on a bridge.

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Oblique 3D Lidar Images - Ashill

The roads(?) leading to the Ashill enclosure are very clear in this 3D lidar view. I have been unable to trace the north-east road further than High Green. The north-south road is also clear approaching the site. It does appear to have a short branch off it.

The Norfolk HER has an entry (8728) for a road hereabouts although it shows it curving to the south.

Type of record: Monument Name: Undated Road
Summary According to a map of 1797 a road existed at this location. No date has been assigned to this feature and its presence remains unverified

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Lidar Image & Map - North East Road

A very typically Roman-like agger heading to the north-east from Ashill. Billingford would be a logical destination but so far I have been unable to make the connection.


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