Roman Road from Water Newton to Thrapston

Margary Number: 570

Distance: 13 miles

The Ordnance Survey, Margary and several other sources start this road too far west. Lidar confirms it began from Durobrivae's south-west entrance and headed for the high ground east of Elton. The road then turns more southward and continues up the east side of the Nene Valley to the minor Roman settlement between Titchmarsh and Thrapston.



Historic Counties: Northamptonshire & Bedfordshire

Current Counties:Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire

HER: Peterborough & Bedfordshire



mini map

Lidar Image - Full Route Water Newton to Thrapston

Pretty straightforward road arrangement keeping to the east side of the Nene Valley.

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route lidar

Oblique 3D Lidar Image - Water Newton to Elton

The high ground at Elton was the target for the first alignment.

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3D lidar

Lidar Image and Route Map 1

A light change of direction on the high ground above Elton

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Approaching Warmington

First real visible sign on the ground of the Roman road is approaching Warmington, where the modern road adopts the Roman line. To this point it is really only lidar that shows the route.

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Lidar Image and Route Map 2

Across Warmington there are few clues but there is no reason to suppose anything other than a straight course was adopted.

At Ashton a course adapting more to the contours seems to have been followed.

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Byway near Polebrook

We are looking back towards Water Newton in this view. Classed today as a byway it gives away its Roman origin by its width and roadside ditches. Not a typical narrow byway by any means.

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Lidar Image and Route Map 3

Mostly overlain by modern roads for the final section. There was a small Roman settlement at the junction with Roman road 57a, just before Thrapston.

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